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When ASKJA (pronounced “ask-ya”), erupted in northern Iceland in the late 1800’s, it forced thousands of settlers to leave their homes and move to Canada in search of a better life. The grandparents of CEO & Founder Dan Palsson, were one of the couples (Bergthor & Helen Palsson) that settled on Hecla Island, Manitoba. The company name is paying homage to that Icelandic spirit. 

Through strength, hard work, and ingenuity those settlers thrived.

ASKJA now builds on the heritage of those settlers through strength, hard work, and ingenuity. ASKJA is changing the face of protection, disrupting industries that have remained static for decades. Specializing in protective technology, ASKJA is creating game-changing equipment in the sports, military, police, fire and construction markets.

ASKJA’s team of Engineers, Researchers, Athletes, Marketers and Doctors, bring years of experience to the table and are creating equipment that provides better protection from injury.

Advancing Protective Technologies